Hi. I'm Dan Ormisher.

I'm a Software Engineer and technology leader who has over a decade experience building products for the web.

I've worked for some of the UK's biggest companies delivering reliable, customer-focussed software at scale. Most recently I've been building a mortgage platform for OpenMoney.co.uk, a fintech organisation attempting to break down traditional financial barriers and offer normal people access to previously closed areas of the financial system.

As a developer I have an innate desire to 'do things right', and this means I am always looking to refactor and improve my code and system architecture. Over the last 13 years I've learned a huge amount, but I see my career as a constant learning exercise as I strive to become a better engineer.

I'm a full stack developer and I've spent my career working with C# and JavaScript building API's & web front end's. If I'm being honest however, C# is my main love and like many developers I consider JavaScript a necessary evil (damn you Brendan Eich!).


I use a wide range of tech, at work and in my own time, but this is some of the technology & approaches I often find myself using to build awesome stuff.