IE7...Really? *shakes head & points to the door*

My name is Daniel Ormisher, a full-stack engineer who loves building things for the web. I have a career history working on large scale public facing projects from conception to release. I most recently co-founded and have been working full time on a startup ( with a business partner. I am currently looking for contract roles around Manchester and the North West. As a developer I have strong desire to 'do things right', and this means I am always looking to refactor and improve my code and program architecture. I'm a follower of TDD, clean code, continuous integration, IOC, iterative development, and other SOLID principles.


For specific information on my work history and projects I have worked on, please check out my Careers 2.0 profile.


I use a wide range of tech, at work and in my own time, but this is the stuff I find myself using most of the time to build AWESOME STUFF: